E.G Productions Co-presented with MetroArts


POISON - Alone in a room at a cemetery are He and She. Bound, yet separated by the death of their son, they are face to face for the first time in years. A toxin has seeped into the soil.  Long in the ground, the boy’s body will have to be disinterred and reburied somewhere safer.  Two separate voices, two emotional lives and one shared story. Can He and She exhume their pain, along with their son’s remains, and move forward?

Produced by EG Productions

Staring Elise Greig and Paul Bishop

Directed by Catarina Hebbard

Design by Raymond Milner

Lighting Design by Lauren Salaway


"Recognition should also be given to local talent, Raymond Milner for the ingenious artistic set design. At first, it may appear simple and minimalistic, perhaps to focus attention on the complex artistic expression of grief. However, when you come to realise what the rings of circles on the ground symbolise, the stage then becomes another imaginary layer of grief "

Helen McDonald - Weekend Notes

"Raymond Milner’s stage design functions as a superseding character to the distanced pair by fashioning and transforming distinct purposes and relationships with each of its inhabiting charactersWhile the space is created through a visually sparse and uncomplicated set design and minimal number of purposeful props, the show’s overall design manages to create an increasing aura of claustrophobia and tension.

The space’s circular contours and refracted pathways reinforce the claustrophobia with a distinguishable cyclical atmosphere. Paired together with sterile colours and abrasive textures, the set design works to subtly envelop the characters and exacerbate their mutual inner turmoil."

Rhumer Diball - Downstage Discernments