Boadicea The Celtic Rock Opera

Dianne Gough Productions


Boadicea – The Celtic Rock Opera is an epic tale of rebellion and revenge set in 60AD, a time when Celtic tribes and Britons were mercilessly ruled by Nero, the insane Roman Emperor. The imposing Boadicea was loud-mouthed and aggressive, and had striking red hair that hung to her hips. The Romans didn’t like fighting women on the battlefield, but a woman wronged will not be held down. She led an uprising that took on the greatest empire in history and nearly brought it to its knees.

Written by long time collaborators Clarence Evans and Judy Stevens, produced by Diane Gough Productions

Directed by David Bell.

Co-Design by Raymond Milner and Chancie Jessop.

Lighting Design by Keith Clark


“An eclectic but ultimately satisfying visual statement.”

Alison Coates, Crikey Daily Review